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College Pranksters Go Online

In academic year 1992-1993, a group of students at a northeast engineering college perpetrated an elaborate series of pranks on their college's campus. A World Wide Web (WWW) site chronicling their antics is now making their story available to the approximately 6 million Internet users around the world.

The pranksters, who called themselves the Rensselaer Drop Squad in letters left at the scene of their pranks, have been high tech since the group's inception. All of their pranks were recorded on video tape and photographed. They also used police scanners and citizens band radios to avoid being caught by campus officials.

The Drop Squad produced several music videos, one of which was considered for airing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Eventually, they scanned the prank scene photographs into computer format and put them, along with relevant text and audio files, on a campus computer system fileserver so everyone on the campus network could view them. This multimedia electronic distribution of information predated the World Wide Web by several years. Unfortunately, access was limited to users of the Andrew File System (AFS).

The limitations of the group's AFS file space have been eliminated by moving the data to the World Wide Web. In addition to the original text, audio and still images, the web server also includes both QuickTime and MPEG video clips, and a much easier to use interface.

The Rensselaer Drop Squad WWW site can be accessed with any web browser on E-mail inquiries should be directed to

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