Letter to Environmental Services

April 12, 1993

Environmental Services

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing this letter to warn you about one of the individuals that dropped objects down the C.I.I. stairwell and will be doing seventy hours of community service with your department. The F**k, who participated in the dropping of 14 objects, is, in my opinion, totally untrustworthy. He must be watched at all times or he will not do any work. He stated this to at least one individual. I have seen video-taped evidence that he lied to the Area Coordinator for his dorm and to the Department of Public Safety. The video-tape also included evidence that The F**k was responsible for the broken glass outside #### Hall earlier this year. I have also heard information that leads me to believe that he lied to the Associate Dean of Students as well.

In my opinion, The F**k was the only truly bad individual in the "Rensselaer Drop Squad." Remote Control, The Chairman, LittleMan, BurgerMan and CompuButcher are all moral and respectable individuals who participated in the dropping incidents for a distraction from their studies. They never intended to inconvenience or harm your department in any way. This is demonstrated by the fact that after your night cleaning crew wrote a letter to the editor of the Poly concerning the drop of an office chair, they were careful to avoid dropping objects when people from your department were on duty in the C.I.I. I believe that all of them will work hard during their assigned community service and have an honest desire to help your department to make up for the trouble that they caused. The F**k, on the other hand, has stated that he feels no remorse and is an inherently dishonest person. Watch him closely to make sure that he is as helpful as the others will try to be.