Chapter 2

Trick or Drop a.k.a. Smashing Pumpkins

On October 30, 1992, The F**k, Record Breaker, CompuButcher and the Chairman bought a large pumpkin from a nearby supermarket and dropped it down the stairwell. The pumpkin veered off course and landed on the stairs on the third floor. Although it didn't go according to plan, this drop did mark the first use of a still camera for taking before and after photos of the dropped object and the first use of a video camera to record the event. The disappointed droppers spent the next day -- Halloween -- preparing for the only non-alcoholic Halloween activity on campus. They purchased nine small "pie" pumpkins from a different supermarket and prepared them in the Chairman's dorm room. The tops were cut out (like jack-o-lanterns) then various substances were added to different pumpkins; some were filled with soda, some with shaving cream/gel and some with miscellaneous other substances. The pumpkins' tops were superglued back in place and the pumpkins were packed up into a duffel bag for the big event. The usual four droppers were joined by Mr. Soap -- one of their dorm neighbors. (This was his only drop.) All five people made their way to the CII and rode and climbed to the top of the stairwell. Once everything was positioned, the Chairman and Mr. Soap went to the bottom of the stairwell to video tape the drop from below. The pumpkins fell exactly as planned and the two droppers on ground zero jumped to safety just before getting hit by the falling pumpkins. The droppers on top took off down the stairs and elevator. The droppers on the bottom paused to snap several pictures then left the building to rendez-vous with the top crew outside. After reviewing the videos back in the dorm, the Drop Squad realized they had to strike again.