Chapter 12

What You Want is What You Drop

The next and final drop was planned over the course of a week. It began when McDonalds announced a twenty-five cent hamburger special. That Saturday night, BurgerMan, Remote Control, Pud and the Chairman drove across the Capital District to a McDonalds and ordered 125 hamburgers. Later that evening, at the scheduled drop time, the Chairman and BurgerMan tried to locate The F**k. They were unable to find him, so they left a message with his roommate and proceeded to the CII where they met Remote Control, Pud and LittleMan. They positioned themselves and waited several minutes. Just as a movie in the adjoining DCC was letting out, the hamburgers were dropped, followed by 32 ounces of Heinz ketchup, which stained every floor of the stairwell. As the ketchup splattered, the Chairman remarked that the burgers were "cool" but the ketchup was a mistake. The group left the stairwell and blended in with the departing movie crowd. As they walked back to the dorm, they heard a security dispatch over their police scanner requesting an officer to investigate a large number of food items in the CII stairwell. After arriving at the dorm and gathering in Remote Control's room, they heard another scanner call from a security officer in the CII stairwell to dispatch: "Uhh... someone dropped a large number of McDonalds hamburgers and some ketchup down the stairwell here... looks like you'd better call environmental services... it really stinks in here."